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Self-managed walking living exhibition space. The artist's body becomes the gallery that represents his own works. In charge of multiple tasks, the artist sometimes plays the role of curator, critic and dealer. Opened with Pedro  Mandarino’s performance, it remains unlicensed in the city perimeter. He is an informal worker, and he acts as a one man band who carries and plays all instruments. The body considered as a medium proposes not only a movement to dismantle the “white cube”, as normative conventions of exhibition, and subsequent ideological function, but it also offers an ironic reconstitution of the ways of making art inside and outside the circuit. The work is a growing spiral. We are guided from the “gallery body” to the website, and from the website to the registration of new exhibitions/actions.

A correlation between the art's place of existence and the dynamics of re-existence proposed by this living gallery.

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